Traditional wood-fired oven

Baked the old fashioned Way


100% Handmade & Organic

100% Organic

The ingredients that we use have been grown only with approved organic farming products.

100% Cretan

Made of the most pure and exquisite products of the Cretan soil.


100% Handmade

All our products are hand-made.

100% Traditional

Traditional family recipes that were passed from generation to generation.

Traditional Cretan products

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Wood-fired oven-baked oatmeal rusks

Recently, international scientific community became interested in the Cretan diet due to the research which has shown that during the previous decades cases of cardiovascular diseases and neoplasias have been extremely rare in Crete. Archaeological and historical evidence proves that eating habits of Cretans in the 20th century are very different from the diet of the residents of the island in former ages, and, moreover, in ancient times.